Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Continued Battle

I'm getting really tired of all this business with CD. Seriously.

A few days ago he blogged about me again. Actually used my name this time, for a change, but even so.

He basically said that he understands that he didn't handle the situation very well, but for some reason, even after all that I did to him, and I hurt him, he still feels strangely drawn to me, and he doesn't know why. He also wondered at the end why I did all this to hurt him, his family, and his friends.

My only response is this. If he understands that he didn't handle things well, why is he still continuing to not handle things well? Like, for instance, still talking on his blog as if he's directly talking to me. Sorry, mate, that's not what a blog is for. And if he still feels drawn to me, why is he not calling me? Or messaging me? Or basically doing anything to contact me directly, as opposed to through his blog?

You can pretty much see my basic belief on all this. Honestly, there have been times that I really would just like to call him, just because I'm sick of all of this, and I just want to settle it, whether it's for better or for worse. But then he goes and does another blog, and I'm reminded by how much this is more his issue than mine and...

I don't even know. I've ranted about this so much, I just feel like I'm repeating myself. But still. I'm not calling him because I really want to see if he'll figure out that the best way to fix something is to actually talk to people, instead of blogging about them. Interesting concept, I know.

I have more issues with having to talk to him, but those shall be for another time, I think.

Meanwhile, a bunch of us went to see Harry Potter 6 yesterday. Very awesome movie.

I told MK about this blog, and she seemed very bent on finding it. Her and DM are dating, which I think is really cute. He's a good guy.

Oh, I also told MK about almost everything that's happened. For me once telling myself that I wouldn't be spreading to word about all of this, I seem to be telling a lot of people about it.

Until the next big thing,


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